Tips for growing Curry Leaves Plant malayalam video

Curry leaves are a leaves that are used to increase food for food. Curry is a spice used in many Indian cuisine curry pearls, India is widely cultivated and consumed in India .Although curry leaves are used only to increase the taste and fragrance of carbohydrates
Curry is a shrub. It is cultivated in sea level ranging from sea level to 1000 m. The seedlings emerging mainly from root are mainly planted. It is a plant grown well in places where water and sunshine can be found. The wood is black. The leaf stands on both sides of the stalk. These leaves are used for curries. Curry leaves have blossoms and ripening. Flowers white, in axillary clusters. The fruits produced by pollinated are green. When ripe, the fruits become black.
When cuttings are grown, you should look at what you say and what you can do to grow seedlings better
Pour some of the soil and not to catch the curry. Pie in both the lumps and drops, add the sand to the sand, put some lime and stir for 15 days and then add some dried powder and cover the pit and plant a good healthy seed.


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