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Many people buy land only once or twice in their life.

That too will be for the purpose of building a house

But our lack of experience is likely to be exploited by middlemen and sellers.

So pay attention to these things.👇

Things to know when buying land

1. It is now very difficult to buy land except through a real estate agent. Since they have commission as a percentage of the selling price, they will inform us that the price has increased. Therefore, convince the broker that after seeing the place, the price can be decided directly with the owner. Do not haggle with the agent. Get the phone number if the owner is not there.

2. In most places, except in villages, the buyer does not need to pay broker commission. If it’s a place where it’s paid like that, tell him first how much his commission is or what percentage of the price is the commission. They often tell the buyer that the tea money is enough and in the end they ask for the amount to go to America and drink the tea.

3. Visit the place first with family members and close friends. If you like the place, don’t hesitate to chat with the neighbors on the edge of the place. Boundary issues, estimated cost, any other issues of location and surroundings, availability of water, nature of neighbours , This will help to get some idea as to why the owner is selling the property. It is best to avoid the presence of the broker while talking to them.

4. If there is a house, the whole house should be inspected. If you look at it during rain, you can understand if there is a leak, a puddle or something else.

5.Real estate in that land to the seller,Ensure ownership. Basis of location, available fronts, pattayam and arrival
Receipt, Bar Certificate,Certificate of Possession Copies of these should be obtained from the owner or through a broker, these,An Aadharam is due to the writer,examined the lawye, Make sure there is nothing wrong.If there is any doubtFrom the concerned government office,We can verify things directly. For example, Aadhaar, no encumbrance certificate,and from the Sub-Registrar Office, Income (land tax paid) from the Village Office, Pattayam
Doubts have been cleared from the Land Tribunal Office, or check further documents.

6. The encumbrance certificate will state whether there is any loan or other legal obligations on the land and what transactions have taken place on the property.

It usually contains 13 years of information, but if required, we can purchase liability certificates up to the last 30 years.
7. The location sketch and plan can be obtained from the village office to ensure that it is the land owned by the seller and does not include any encroachments.

8. If the property is subject to court proceedings, check the details of the court order. It is better to seek the advice of a lawyer.

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