Amazing Double Floor Home Design at 4 Cent Plot For 25 Lacks

Fundamentally, modern architecture is a break from the past, and in terms of the roof, its break is the most obvious. The roof that traditionally plays a role of shedding rain and snow can be avoided with modernism on a flat roof, but sometimes it also serves as a terrace for reusing the land occupied by the building. Various types of roofs promote a modern style of modern style from simplicity and innovation.A modern pioneer like Gunnar Asplund worked in a situation where a flat roof could not be protected. This ideology focuses on Gables, making them different from traditional and modern

This house gable is distinctly unique in that the second floor protrudes to one end beyond the first floor and creates a covered patio in the process. Gray is dominant on the exterior roof and wall, but the end of the garbend is filled with wooden boards. The gable of this house is clearly showing that the second floor protrudes beyond the first floor, gray is predominant on the roof and the wall outside the patio, but the end of the garbend is filled with wooden boards It becomes clear.


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