Spicy Masala Bread Toast Recipe

Masala toast is an open toast with a masala finishing made with vegetables like carrot, capsicum, onion and tomato and flavors. It is extremely easy to get ready and an extraordinary choice for the children snacks.
Watch this video for Spicy Masala Bread Toast Recipe. Courtesy: CheezzKitchen

I have attempted this once couple of years back, however some way or another didn’t adjust the taste, so ended up being exceptionally flat with carrot’s exhausting scent overwhelming. After that I couldn’t have cared less to attempt. Recently, when I was perusing Instagram, I happened to see this masala toast some way or another and looked extremely enticing. So influenced me to attempt in a split second and it turned out extremely flavourful and tasty.

This masala toast is a well known nibble from Iyengar bread kitchen, which I have never tasted from that point. This has different adaptation and exceptionally adaptable, you can include your selection of vegetables as well, similar to potato, peas, cabbage, beans, beetroot which ever your child’s top choice. Be that as it may, I figure Iyengar pastry shop has carrot, onion, tomato as fundamental fixings. So on the off chance that you have not attempted this toast, or overlooked for some time, influence it and appreciate, to ideal for this icy climate with some tea!


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