Special Sweet Khaja Recipe

Kaja, khaja, tapeswaram kaja or Madatha Kaja is a Traditional Andhra sweet which has fresh layered sweet. This is for the most part produced using Maida (plain flour). We included ground pistachios and almonds, ghee and rice flour for the fillings.
Watch this video Special Sweet Khaja Recipe. Courtesy: Srithas Kitchen

Sifter Maida/All reason flour without bumps.
In a bowl include Maida, ghee, drain and salt blend well.
At that point add water gradually to make the delicate mixture.
Cover the bowl with cotton material at that point abandon it for 5 min.
Sprinkle flour, put the mixture on chapathi stone at that point take off into extensive thin chapatti.

In a bowl include rice flour and ghee blend well. At that point include ground almonds and pistachios delicately blend and keep aside.
Include rice flour blend at that point spread uniformly everywhere throughout the chapatti.
At that point overlap the chapatti firmly then cut into jewel shape.
At that point take each piece and delicately press or take off.

For sugar syrup:- Add water and sugar in a skillet blend delicately and let it breaks down.
At that point include cardamom and let it bubble and abandon it for 7 min for string consistency at that point cut off warmth.
Warmth oil and ghee or vanaspati in a dish, profound sear on medium hot oil.
Once seared flip over and cook another side.
When balls turned brilliant darker and fresh take it out. Deplete on a retentive paper.
Quickly put in to the sugar syrup and abandon it for 2 min. At that point take it out and cool it in room temperature.
When sugar syrup completely ingested and completely dried store it in a water/air proof compartment and use inside 10 days


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