Internet Booster & Optimizer

This app is meant to reinforce your web browsing expertise. Your web speed is decided by your web Service supplier and that we cannot the modification that, however, there area unit several different factors that will have an effect on however your device takes advantage of this speed.
This is wherever this app starts boosting. we have a tendency to automatize a series of commands and optimizations which will place your browser within the prime of priority on your robot System ensuring you get the foremost out of your ISP web speed and device resources for a swish browsing expertise.
This is no magic, these commands area unit actions you’ll be able to perform manually one by one while not the assistance of any app, however, attributable to the time it’d take and different reasons it may be thought of impractical, and this is often the rationale this app exists!
Whether your device is nonmoving or not, or if you’ve got a wireless local area network or Mobile knowledge affiliation (2g, 3g, 4g LTE), we have a tendency to perform a series of automatized tasks so as to accelerate web speed and browser’s performance. Pausing secondary processes, clean up RAM memory, cleanup cache memory and flushing DNS area unit a number of these tasks.

TCP/IP optimization
We run commands supposed to optimize the method your device connects with others through the net. In most cases, this improves ping and boosts overall speed leading to a snappier web browsing. MTU size, TTLL hops, buffer size and additional, area unit a number of the settings optimized. This area unit accessible just for root users.

* If you’re connected to a router, it would limit your MTU severally of your device settings.
* we have a tendency to cannot guarantee all the required results for all robot devices. robot versions, frameworks and their settings area unit too several, however, we have a tendency to encourage you to contact America if you discover a bug or drawback or send a report just in case of crashes and made stops.
* (to root users) This app makes an attempt a series of commands that would fail to use if superuser permission is not granted


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