Director Jeethu Joseph Home Design At Ernakulam At 18 Cent Plot Area

When summer works hard, Europeans like going outdoors, taking sunshine and eating outdoors. No matter how small their house is (and the European houses are often quite small) Europeans are trying to open outdoor space anytime anywhere. Enjoy a croissant and coffee on a quiet morning and a cold rose summer barbecue in the evening. The outdoor patio is a perfect place to unwind. This European-style outdoor patio overlooking the upper floors on the rooftop, the courtyard and overlooking lush fields and beautiful sea views inspires the summer space.
Create your own French farm style courtyard by adding natural wooden furniture and neutral linens and simple white plates. Add a simple vase of wildflowers and a large bowl of orange or dark purple figs to the table. Grow a pot of lavender for heaven flavor and add complementary eggplant pillow to your seat. If you want an Italian-style patio, yourself, grow your bush, such as alfalfa or private close to the fence or garden plaid to create some privacy from your neighbors. Use black iron furniture, if you can, can float on white marble or stone tables. With pure white cushions and a white umbrella to keep the appearance of the simple and classic. Add some warm terracotta pottery, have bright flowers, such as geraniums for color. Use a single color, such as pink, red or white, so they do not overwhelm the space. If you want to add a tablecloth, use crisp white. Belissimo!


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