1400 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Double Floor Home Design at 3.5 Cent Plot Area

This sloping land in the beautiful suburb of Denver presented three challenges to the new owner. How to build a second floor within the local height limits, manage a very sloping lot and build a house in a 9 month window before the school begins? Jeff and Christina Haskins have done a lot of work ahead of them, but with the help of architect Marc Donaldson and architect Ronda Hyatt, they will be at the Colorado home vision of Europe Realized.
Cristina designed this concrete sink at the entrance to the powder bath. Special faucets and chandeliers add new and old combinations. More than the front door of the foyer and staircase leading to the colonial inspired central hall restaurant. In the kitchen and master suite next to the restaurant can also be through the French door into the covered patio. The spacious kitchen, the informal dining room and the family room form the south side of the house. The kitchen is located in the center of the plan as a home center. Lack of upper cabinet to give it an open sense of Europe. The table and the overall sink are made of Turkish limestone.


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