How to Deep Clean Your Gas Stove

If you could get rid of the grates and knobs, do.
Soak the knobs in soapy water whilst you wipe down the stovetop.
Squirt a completely small drop of dishwashing liquid onto a sponge or fabric. Wet, then squeeze out most of the water. You want a few cleaning soap to cut the grease, but you do not want swimming pools of water dripping into crevices.

Wipe and scrub away the grease splatters and spilled sauces, rewetting and re-soaping your sponge if important. Don’t fear about soapy residue. This step is for loosening all of the dirt.
Rinse your sponge in order that the water runs clean (no cloudy, greasy water, that may stick round).
With lengthy strokes, wipe away the soap. Rinse the sponge as regularly as essential, so you’re left with a smooth surface.

Use a clean, dry kitchen towel to buff away the water streaks. If you’ve got chrome steel, wipe inside the course of the grain.
Buff, buff, buff the shiny surfaces till they’re streak-unfastened, getting all water out of the corners.
Use a soapy scrub brush to clean the grates within the sink. (We don’t try this on every occasion we prepare dinner, perhaps as soon as each couple of weeks.) Rinse and allow dry completely.
Scrub the grease off of the knobs that have been soaking. Rinse and permit dry absolutely.
Wipe down the oven handle; grease lands there, too!
Replace the knobs and grates at the stove top whilst dry, and you are executed!

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