Why do our jeans have a tiny pocket just above the front pocket

Why do our jeans have a tiny pocket just above the front pocket
Since wristwatches have nearly absolutely changed pocket watches, the “watch pocket” in denims has turn out to be obsolete. However, there are numerous contemporary uses for the watch pocket you may attempt for yourselves:

Use it as a coin pocket: Although it’s a chunk deep which makes it tough to attain the small change you put in here, its depth additionally way that those coins won’t fall out very easily.Use it as a track participant pocket: It’s great to preserve a small Ipod or MP3 participant.Use it as a comb pocket: You can fit a small comb in there for any hair emergencies.

Use it as a floss pocket: A small percent of floss can suit in there for spinach-in-tooth emergencies. Alternatively it’s splendid for storing toothpicks. Just be careful not to prick yourself!

Use it as a key pocket; Use it as a USB reminiscence stick pocket; Use it as as ticket pocket: The technical tailoring term for the watch pocket is a “ticket pocket” and this is quite apt because you could virtually use it for price ticket-storing functions. You can use it for train tickets, bus tickets or cinema tickets. Warning: Only put tickets in right here in case you don’t mind them getting very crumpled


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