Here are some tips to make kitchen work easier(malyalam video)

1. Buy new cooking utensils if you do not lose their sticker before using them. If the vessel is slightly heated, the sticker knife may be sterile.
If it is lowered in water, plucked it, wipe it off, wash the oat and wash it off.

2. Cutting boards should be cleaned after use. Sterilize the salt powder and stir the lemon and cut it off after a little bit of nourishment.

3. When the fish starts to break the hole, only a small toast should be washed away.

4. It is good for oats to drink well. But now all its fibers are lost. After being in a bowl, poured boiling water for it and was ready to cook for about 2 minutes.

5. When the rhizomes are made of rice, the fermenting of the furrows will not be caught in the bottom of the bowl, so it does not catch the bottom. There will be good tastes to eat these tincture.

6. Aluminum foil of each piece is not enough to cause damage to the fruit

7. Beetroot, a jar of itself
 The color of the sampler will not change if it is cooked in a sambar. Prepare delicious flavor with boiled water.

8. The potato is better than cooked, washed and knocked around, kneading around with a knife, if it is boiled, two skins can be cut off.

9. When the rest of the nuts can be put, the sambar can be added after cooking.

10. In a cup of cheese, add 1/2 cup chilli powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, mix thoroughly, lettuce or cabbage


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