Here are some tips for housewives to grow flowering plants and vegetables-video malayalam

1. Egg and teak and juniper can be added to the rose bushes and there will be lots of beautiful rose and good size roses.
2. Vegetables are of different types. There are two months of harvesting. Vegetables should not be planted together in the short term and harvest for longer periods.
3. Worms and moths can be substantially reduced if the sprinkling of the leaves of vegetables avoiding exotic dishes early in the morning.
4. For vegetable gardeners, do not use green vegetables as summer.
5. Red onions and garlic peeled on the skin is a great source of vitamins.
6. Pepper seedlings can be grown in health by using sunlight even where the sunlight is available.
7. If the croton is mixed in the sun, the color of the leaf fades.
8. Dust moisture around the roses grown on the floor will retain soil moisture.
10. At the bottom of the baking powder, the mixture is mixed with baking powder and grated mixture.
11. Shake the dry, infected, and depressed branches of the roses when you pray. Correct slippers and weak stubble needs to be changed.
12. Vegetables are good for cow dung and urine.
13. Scratching on the rods of rice should be applied to the fat additives of carnivorous fat on the stem of pests. 14. If cats are roasted in rose, sprinkle some of the cats and pour cold water.
15. If you fill the water in the fish aquarium, fill it up with fresh water and then let vegetables grow.
16. Vegetables planting should take place at half a toilet beds and in the middle of the summer for the planters.
17. During flowering, sprinkle some water mixed with jaggery.
18. Vegetables, honey, spinach, chilli, tomato, tomato, pumpkin, pumpkin and leopard can be reared in the back of the house and on the terrace.
19. If the cotton is cleaned and made with a fabric paint, you can use cactus perforated as a mower for planting plants.


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