Things to be taken care of regarding the main door of the house

Things to be taken care of regarding the main door of the house
Vastu Shastra has super importance for entrance door in a home, as this is the area from wherein energies, both fine or poor, enter and go out a house. Having said this, it’s far obvious that if greater bad energies are entering a domestic from fundamental door then human beings within the house will not prosper. On the other hand if extra fine electricity is entering a domestic then the residents will prosper.
Main or Entrance Door Vastu – Effect of Directions

North:- If you need to find the entrance door in North wall of a domestic, then ensure the door is in North-East segment of North wall. The cause for that is to allow morning solar (UV Rays for purification), sparkling mild and air to go into the home from East. Also keep the door in the direction of middle of wall (now not exactly at center) and locate a window close to North-East nook.

South:- If you want to find entrance of a domestic in South wall, then finding the door toward South-East is auspicious; avoid having the door at center or South-West part of wall. For all homes having essential door in South route, it’s need to to have any other door in North direction additionally.
East:- To locate major entrance door in East wall, vastu suggests preserving it in North-East part.
West:- North-West half of of West wall is greater suitable for main front as in step with vastu. courtesy: Kaumudy


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