The solution to the cracks that occur at home-mlayalam video

The cracks are the natural thing you see in every house today. But if these cracks start at the beginning, we can change to some extent.

But it is a solution to the problems of the building of the building and the subsequent deterioration of the existing cracks as soon as possible.

Water Proofing Consultant Shri V.Jayachandran Nair gives you a detailed explanation of these facts.

Cracks occur in many places in buildings. One should be on the couch and later on the roof. The two wings are of two ways.
The cause of the cracks on the shoulder may be many. The first thing to do is to squeeze out the size of the cement that is used to do the job. There will be no breaks even when the amount is reduced.

He says that the cement content must be in the mixing in order to avoid cracking.

There are several ways to deal with cracks. Jayachandran Nair says in the video. Then he says what can we do at the moment of production to avoid the cracks?
Everything is detailed in the video. Look at me. Make the most of them and share it with everyone


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