The right location for master bedroom

The right location for master bedroom. Watch video, Source: Kaumudy
Vastu Shastra says that it’s quality to have the master bedrooms within the South, Southwest (Nairuthi) and West directions. Northeast ( Ishan ) corner bedroom may not be utilized by the elder of the apartment.

Truthfully speaking mainly the Northeast cornered bedroom will not be excellent, so do not plan the Northeast bedroom at your house, and it is probably not used as the main bedroom, highest attempt to avoid putting the bedrooms at East or North instructions If the elder of the residence is using the Northeast corner bedroom it should have an impact on his wellbeing and or his fiscal concerns. Please notice that this rule may not apply the entire times or for all of the houses.

Some occasions if there may be the heavy open area in the direction of Northeast and good center of attention is arrived from Northeast then proprietor could have his bedroom at Northeast, anyway better to show that room to at least one trained vastu consultant after which only decides to occupy it. Any room which you might be utilizing will have to be snuggery then it is going to be extra lively to have comfy results.


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