Nostalgic home- Kondottil house Ponnani

Nostalgic home- Kondottil house Ponnani
Now-a-days, people always consult experts before building houses. It can be an architect or an engineer or somebody they trust. What is important is that their philosophy of house making should go hand in hand with ours

Today we discuss a Nostalgic home in Ponnani, Malappuram
Noushad Ali and Rehana’s Kondottil house, Perimpadappu, Ponnani, Malappuram
Slope roof, poomugham, traditional design. 1.5-acre plot, 2500 sqft house.
cost just 30 lakhs rs. Reused woods for reducing cost.

sit out pillars, natural stones, traditional furniture. tile flooring. wood ceiling, beautiful courtyard, bedrooms, beautiful kitchen, etc.. Let us know more about this house. watch this video.. courtesy: Manorama News


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