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No ontogenesis needed if LG, AOSP or Lollipop
Now MirrorOp Sender will mirror our phone if it’s LG complete, or AOSP-based ROMs, or be running Lollipop!
Rooting needed
You SHOULD have to be compelled to check if “MirrorOp Sender” is compatible together with your handheld/tablet before shopping for a Register Key

MirrorOp isn’t Miracast, however, has similar function:
MirrorOp Sender is the associate app which will MIRROR your automaton screen to a MirrorOp Receiver through local area network or USB. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to use the MirrorOp Receiver to manage the sender by Mouse/Keyboard/Touch. MirrorOp Receiver is obtainable on several styles of platforms: automaton, Windows, iOS, some specific projectors, TVs, or boxes. a lot of data

Mirror screen to Windows Receiver
1. certify your automation device is frozen.
2. transfer (from automation Market) and install the MirrorOp Sender on your automaton device.
3. transfer the Windows version of MirrorOp Receiver from higher than a website, and install it!
4. certify your automation device and therefore the laptop hook up with an equivalent local area network.
5. Run the Receiver application from your laptop.
6. Run the Sender application from your automation device.
7. it’ll mechanically search the receiver and you’ll be able to begin to mirror the screen of your phone/tablet to the receiver!
8. you’ll be able to additionally use mouse or keyboard to manage back your automaton phone/tablet from Windows.

Mirror Over USB
Some users asked a way to connect through USB cable from automaton to laptop. Please follow the steps if your phone/tablet support USB tethering function:
1. Connect your automation device and laptop through a USB cable.
2. Open the USB tethering (sharing) perform on your automaton device,(You might have to sit down with your phone guide to grasp a way to activate it.),and then the PC can
automatically install an NDIS driver (if you haven’t put in it before).
3. Open the Windows Receiver.
4. Launch the automaton MirrorOp Sender and it’ll search the windows receiver.
5. Select it, begin to use and you’ll be able to management back from your laptop.

The sender will support rotation. The app’s orientation is that the mirror orientation on the receiver facet. Besides, you’ll be able to fix or correct the angle within the MENU.

Support AUDIO MIRRORING on automation four.4+ devices
From version: one.1.6.9, we have a tendency to starts to support audio mirroring on automation four.4+ devices. However, some 4.4 devices that don’t support remote submix audio output still cannot be supported.

Android 5.0 lollipop
We begin to support five.0 screen mirroring even your device isn’t frozen. However, audio and device don’t seem to be supported in five.0 non-root devices. (For frozen device, device isn’t supported, either.)

Android is an associate open system, thus there square measure several display/frame-buffer styles for numerous styles of devices. Therefore, {we will|we will not|we won’t} guarantee our MirrorOp Sender can run on all the automation devices with none downside. The MirrorOp sender must access buffer thus you want to root your automation device on the foremost cases. However, we have a tendency to still found there square measure some devices we are able to run on while not ontogenesis.
You can search in google to grasp a way to root your automation device exploitation the keywords like: “how to root [Your automaton device Model]”. For example: “how to root Galaxy S5”, “how to root HTC M8”, etc… However, the foundation method could also be dangerous thus please watch out and copulate at your own risk.

The sender permits five minutes trial. once five minutes, you must press “Play” to mirror otherwise you have to be compelled to purchase a license key through google play In-App-Purchasing. you may get the key once the getting method.


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