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Application name- MediaTap
source-play store

Mediatap downloader may be a powerful, fast and Easy-to-Use android app for downloading media files from the internet. With Mediatap, you’ll be able to download any kind of files like videos, music, photos and eBooks straight to your phone. Once you download the files, you’ll be able to watch them, hear them, and browse them ANYTIME anyplace without concern about net connection!
Mediatap supports major streaming video sites and quite fifty other sites.

Mediatap highlighted functions:

-All downloaded files air mechanically organized by file types like “movies”, “music” and keep the “File Manager”.
-Organize your files by making folders.
-Rename, delete, copy, move, share files
-Transfer downloaded files by connecting your phone to your laptop victimization USB cable.
-Select multiple files right away.
-Downloads will be resumed mechanically albeit you lose net affiliation.
-Unlimited transfer
-Create and manage your bookmarks for simple browsing.

How to transfer media files:

1.Type the link or search keyword I the associated address bar. otherwise, you will faucet the link from the history or bookmarker.
2.When you ar on the page you would like to transfer, you’ll be able to transfer the file by the sound the “Downloader” button settled 1st icon of the high right bar.
3.The sidebar icon settled at the highest left corner will swipe the read left to indicate the left menu read. In left menu read, we are able to see the online Browser, Downloader Manager, File Manager, FTP Manager so on. “Downloader Manager” shows the presently downloading files and completed file and within the “File Manager” tab, we are able to read the downloaded files saved in several folders.

How to produce a folder

By touching add an additional icon, settled on the highest right, you’ll see the list “Select All”, “Sort by”, “New Folder”, and so on. So, please choose the “New Folder” then offer the name and press “OK”.

How to Select/Deselect
You can see the parallelogram each right facet of folder or files. If your faucet on this parallelogram or checkbox, you’ll see the mark thereon. This mean you have got already chosen this icon. For deselection, you need to the faucet on this checkbox once more, then you’ll notice that the mark is disappeared.


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