Mappila Radio

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This is application Malayalam Mappila Album .The user will notice a large assortment of that is Mappila songs from the YouTube hit by AN application. A collection of Malayalam Mappila album .The user will notice sort of Mappila songs that is hit from youtube through one app.
There is at constant time, Mappila songs can stay closely joined to rituals in Kerala, a separate cultural identity. this type of music is commonly sung on occasions birth, marriage, death, etc. relish the extreme mental imagery is AN application that’s exclusive to the current assortment of songs. Greco and Winjit Technologies to gift the suitable application on your 2G / 3G, Wifi.So, to search out such a superb accumulation to transfer this application.

Get 7 Mappila Songs Radio in single application with HD Recording
*Patturumal Radio
*Kannur Shareef Radio
*Nujoom Radio
*M-khais Radio
*Muthnabi Radio
*Al Misbah Radio


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