Malabar Special Avil Milk Recipe

Aval milk is the real drink of Malabar, Kerala. A rich, solid, scrumptious drink that fulfills both appetite and taste buds.
Watch this video for Avil milk recipe. Courtesy: Ladies planet.

This readiness of Avil milk is extremely one of a kind to the Malappuram locale in Kerala and truth be told, those individuals who have learning in regards to this may state that this extraordinary drink. The fundamental elements for this milk shake are simmered rice chips/poha, Chiquita banana/Mysore banana (palayam kodan banana), broiled peanuts and nuts. So attempt this straightforward sweet come drink which is one of a kind tasty, rich, and sound. It can be utilized as a breakfast smoothie or as a solid treat.

ingredients: kerala small banana,njalipoovan, Rice flakes/ poha / avil – 1 small cup, Milk – 1 cup (can also use coconut milk), Sugar – 6 tbsp ( can add more or less, Peanut – 3 tbsp, roasted, Nuts ( cashews, almonds, pistachios) – as required Ghee/butter, Ice cream (optional for garnishing only)


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