How to Make Doormat With Old Clothes at Home

Individuals regularly dispose of old attire. Here I have utilized an old torn fabric to make an entryway tangle.
If it’s not too much trouble experience the instructable on the best way to make an entryway tangle out of waste material
How to Make Doormat With Old Clothes at Home, Watch this video. Courtesy: GBalaji Crafts

This one is a shut Lungi which is worn around the midriff. It can not be worn any more because of the extensive tear in it.
In the first place cut and open the Lungi. It will be around 6 ft long in the wake of cutting. The width is around 4 ft.
Cut 3 inch wide strips from it. You can cut around 12 portions of 6 ft long each from this fabric

Take 3 strips close by and entwine them toward one side
Embed each of the three tied end of strips in the entryway or window flame broil
Firmly twist the three portions of fabric beginning from the tied end. It is same as meshing hair
You can include another strip in the twist when the length of strip being meshed achieves the end
In the wake of utilizing every one of the 12 strips you will have a 20 ft since quite a while ago twisted length of line

Trim the overabundance length of strip at end
Utilizing a needle and string, fasten the finishes of every one of the three strips in the twist together
Cut the finishes tied with window flame broil and sew that closures additionally together
Beginning from one end, roll the twisted loop in circles to shape the tangle
Utilizing a needle with dull shaded yarn, join the roll persistently with contiguous circle while rolling
Keep on rolling the curl also keep sewing the moved tangle with the nearby loop
When you finished moving of every one of the 20 ft long loop, line the end with the tangle and wrap up


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