Low Budget 2 Bedroom Single Floor Modern Beautiful Home Design

Low Budget Design
Budget : 14 Lacks
60% Bank Loan Available

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
2 Attached Bathroom

Sarovaram Homes & Builders
Dileep : 9633009990

A timeless marble with high durability is an excellent choice if you want both luxury and antique atmosphere. Marble is elastic and has a wide range of patterns and colors. Pure white marble gives the original charm, but the dark shades are clearly beautiful. It is a premium material in terms of appearance and price, so it is best to show it in the living room. Marble is heavy, big sheets are rather hard to break. Always hire skilled labor for all kinds of equipment. Choosing a substrate that can handle extra weight must be selected to avoid wear or breakage after application. Marble achieves slip resistance. Do not use abrasive for cleaning, mark.



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