Kerala Style House plan 1000 Square feet to 1500 Square feet

Home offices are becoming increasingly popular with architects and designers, and shortening commuting time and creative time spending are on the rise. They are also working on architectural skills to build house extension functions, using new living rooms, spare rooms and lofts. Depending on various situations, I love how great space adapts easily over time. The room we used as an office was the living room of the bourgeois family in the early 20th century. In addition to upgrading furniture and properties, in fact it is hardly done.

Since the diversity of our work differs from the previous day every day, it is difficult to make routines for work. We are architects, editors, teachers, mothers and fathers. Combining our agenda is like putting together puzzles. Only when you are at home, this house’s distractions are children. In that case, we will not avoid them. There is a robust infrastructure to easily solve all kinds of everyday problems, so it will not distract you.


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