Homemade Crispy & Spicy Potato Chips Recipe

I’ll endeavor to break this excessively you as delicately as could be allowed. In the event that you truly need to make hand crafted chips, you have to get a mandolin slicer. Would you be able to cut many paper thin cuts of potatoes with a decent blade? Perhaps. In any case, you will abhor your life and unless you have wiped out knive abilities, you’ll likely mess it up.
Watch this video for Homemade Crispy & Spicy Potato Chips Recipe. Courtesy: Srithas Kitchen

With a slicer however, you can cut a couple of pounds of potatoes in about a moment.
Simply make sure to utilize the wellbeing protect so you don’t give yourself a mandolin manicure.You could presumably simply hurl the chips in the oil directly in the wake of cutting them and get fair outcomes, however I complete two different strides previously singing that appears to help get the chips extremely fresh.

Initially, I wash them in chilly water. I think this is vital in light of the fact that it washes a portion of the starch off the potatoes which will help them not stick together when they are frying.Of course, now your potatoes are wet so you likewise need to dry them a bit before singing.

They don’t need to be flawless, however I simply work in clumps and haul a couple of modest bunches out of the water and let them deplete on a paper towel before moving them to the fryer.

On the off chance that they are excessively wet, your oil will splatter everywhere and it will take more time to get them fresh.


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