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Oh, hey, guys.. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to the present lesson on “House cleansing Vocabulary”. So, most of us, we’ve got to handle house cleansing. cleansing our homes is one amongst the foremost basic items that we have a tendency to do on our weekends or throughout the week. So, let’s consider some common verbs, also as some common nouns that you simply will use to speak regarding house cleansing.

Number one, clearly the foremost basic verb, is: “clean”. So, you’ll use the verb “clean” to speak regarding something. you’ll clean the ground, clean the window, clean a wall, clean a table, clean a chair. that is all you wish to understand regarding the verb “clean”.

Next, we’ve got the verb: “sweep”. So: “Sweep the ground with a brush.” will anyone understand what a brush is? that is right. this can be a brush. Okay? And sweeping is that the action of doing this. So, you sweep the ground with a brush. Okay?

Now, once you sweep the ground, you would possibly need to, you know, clean it a bit additional perhaps with some water and a few soap. And if you wish to wash the ground with some water and a few soap, what you’re doing is you are most likely scouring the ground with a mop. Now, i do not have a mop with Maine these days, however it is best to think about a mop as sort of a broom with a wet half at the tip. So, mopping, you are going whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. you are scouring the ground with a mop. The verb and also the noun area unit the precise same issue.

Next up, we’ve got “vacuum”. Now, what’s a vacuum? Let Maine show you. There we’ve got a vacuum. And it’s like “mop” wherever the verb and also the noun area unit the precise same issue. So, you’ll vacuum with a vacuum, a bit like you’ll mop with a mop. All right?

Next, we’ve got the verb: “wipe”. And “wipe” will be employed in several contexts also. So, if I actually have to Illustrate… lets say this can be a bit of material. I will wipe off the table with a fabric, as an example. Or you… I will wipe off the board if it’s dirty. So, “to wipe” is that this action. Okay? And, again, you’ll use the preposition “off” as a verb, therefore you’ll wipe off a table or wipe off a board, as an example.

Next, we’ve got the verb: “scrub”. Now, “scrub” is incredibly typically used once you are cleansing, you know, your toilet, or the tub, or the walls in your toilet. And if you’ve got tiles, which are, again, the sq. items like during a toilet, you’ll scrub them. Okay? And usually, what you wish could be a brush to clean, not a toothbrush, but, you know, a cleansing brush or what you’ll decision a cleanup pad. So, to actually get that tough clean, to clean stuff around your rest room, or around your bath, or round the walls in your toilet. Okay?

And finally, you’ll use the word: “Dust (or dirt off) the table with a duster.” Now, “dust” are a few things that accumulates over time on tables, on just about something. Imagine it as being the small particles that build up over time if you do not bit one thing. So, if you’ll [do this to a book or to a table, you may see dirt flying off of it, and you wish a dirter to dirt off the dust. Okay?

So, to review, the foremost common verb you’ll use in house cleansing is “clean”. you’ll sweep the ground with a brush. you’ll mop the ground with a mop. you’ll vacuum the ground or the carpet with a vacuum. you’ll wipe a table with a fabric. And you’ll scrub tiles with a brush or a scrub pad. And you’ll conjointly dirt a table with a duster.

If you would like to check your understanding of this vocabulary, as always, you’ll investigate the quiz on and do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel. Back to figure.
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