Hair fall Homemade remedies-malayalam video

Hair is the main cause of hair loss. Dandruff is caused by lack of hair. The second reason is the old way of putting the oil on the head and shielding it. Today, many people use thorny oils. The correct method is to wash the oil on the scalp and wash off for half an hour so as to get rid of the roots of your hair.

Lash can be seen as a sign of severe hair loss, such as kidney disease and kidney failure. Hair can be a tumor, hair loss, hair loss, long hair loss and long hair loss.

Wash your headband, comb, and wash with dandruff-like disposable diapers twice a week to control dandruff
∙ Shake with shampoo for about 30 minutes after the evening shower

¤ Useful oil for stomach damage
● It is best to put the oils on your head, such as lungs, handkerchiefs, and nealgings.
Remove the skin of the aloe vera gel twice a week and wash it after half an hour
It is also good to serve as Asvagandhyarayanam and Aswari Giri.


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