How to Grow Mint – Pudhina at Home

Developing Mint or so far as that is concerned any herbs is simple and you needn’t bother with much space. A little overhang is sufficient to begin a herb plant. As mint is anything but difficult to develop, you can begin your own herb cultivate with mint.
How to Grow Mint – Pudhina at home, Watch this video. Courtesy: Krishi Videos Malayalam

Homegrown mint is fragrant, delightful, tastes superior to anything what you get in the market and obviously pesticide free. Today we will figure out how to developed mint effectively at home in pots/sacks.

You don’t need to purchase mint plant from the nursery. I for one feel, it is a misuse of cash. Get a group of mint/pudina from the nearby vegetable market. When purchasing mint from the market, select mint with thick stems as found in the photo beneath.

Utilize the leaves for influencing dishes to like mint pulao, mint thuvaiyal or mint chutney and hold the thick stems.
The best time to plant is late in the day or at night after nightfall. So on the off chance that in the event that you are not planting them promptly, keep the stems in a glass of water. Mint needs great quality, rich and all around depleted soil.


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