Google Street View



Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step within locations like museums, arenas, restaurants, and little businesses with Google Street read.
Also produce exposure spheres to feature your own Street read experiences. begin together with your phone’s camera or add a one–shot spherical camera (like the RICOH alphabetic character S) for simple 360º photography. Then, you’ll publish to Google Maps to share your exposure spheres with the planet.

Content galleries:
• Browse — or be notified of — Google’s newest special collections
• Explore all of Street read (including contributions from others)
• Review your public profile of revealed exposure spheres
• Manage your non-public exposure spheres
• Immerse yourself in exposure spheres with Cardboard mode

Creating and sharing exposure spheres:
• Use your phone’s camera (no camera accessories required)
• hook up with a spherical camera to capture in one faucet
• Share to Google Maps as immersive exposure spheres
• Share in private as flat photos
APP needs mechanical man four.4 KITKAT AND UP


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