Empty Folder Cleaner

application name-Empty Folder Cleaner
source- play store
When you uninstall apps, there’s a tendency for them to depart some empty folders into your file directory. This can be quite annoying since you wish to manually delete these folders. If you just leave them there, your file directory will look terribly untidy.

So, what’s the best solution? Well, you can continuously favor to use Associate in Nursing app to mechanically delete all of the empty folders in your file directory. Speaking of which, here’s how you will fully take away all of the empty folders in your humanoid pill or smartphone.

On the app’s main screen, press “Clean”. This will prompt the app to mechanically scan your device and appearance for empty folders. Anyways, you don’t really want to try and do something whereas the app searches your file directory.

On Android 4.4 Kitkat, This app CANNOT clean external SD cards. It’s because of Google’s policy: ANY 3rd-party apps can’t access to external storages. (except some custom firmware users)

Very simple, Empty Folder Cleaner. Annoying with many empty folders in file manager app? Then, this is for you


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