Easy Chikku/Sapota Pudding Recipes

Sapota or chikku are heavenly occasional natural products accessible in our home garden. It has a few medical advantages as well. Sweets or some other dish set it up is yummy and mouth-watering which everybody adores. Here comes a pudding formula with chikku, it is extremely straightforward and are with couple of fixings as well.
Easy Chikku/Sapota Pudding Recipes, Watch this video. Subscribe: Aaidhas Kitchen

Absorb china grass some water for 15 minutes and liquefy it in low fire.
Bubble drain and consolidated drain in a thick-bottomed container.
When it achieves breaking point, include dissolved china grass and blend well.
Cook till china grass consolidates with drain totally by consistent mixing in low fire and kill the fire.
peel off the chikku and smash it or change over it into mash. Or on the other hand you can squash half and mash the remaining.

Blend these with the readied drain china grass blend, pour it to a pudding plate and enable it to set.
Dry meal cashew pieces for 1 moment and blend sugar with it.
At the point when sugar melts and coats to cashew pieces , turn of the fire.
You can utilize entire simmered cashew pieces for decorating the pudding or simply give a smash and utilize.


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