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Come on, come and listen to the call of businessmen such as Prash fish. Famalin mixed fish is used for sale in markets and homes. Many people know what Fomalin is. But let’s just say one thing to others. Famalin living body which is used to keep the body intact is acting negatively.

By formalin the fish will remain unbroken for 18 days. When the fish is taken, first it will be placed in separate containers and boxes at sea. Then some ice is scattering on top. Eventually, the poison is usually sprinkled with formalin dust. After all, the markets for fish sale. The sea and sand and the sap of the hand of the traders outside the fish to catch dust in the eyes of the buyers. Now no one will come to fish fish. But there are ways to find a way out, “the food security department said.

If the eye is white and the fish with the finger, do not forget the place. Make sure you know something like cheek powder, and it’s poisonous. When the ammonia and eis fails, the fishermen are making millions using a new strategy.

Functional problems with nervous system, cancer, and kidney function. The fact is that while the Food Security Department does not admit the risk and warnings,


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