Does aloe vera have poison

The aloe vera plant has a wealthy history within the realm of natural recovery. Native to the Caribbean, Latin America and South Africa, the aloe vera plant produces a clean, gelatinlike substance that soothes burns and relieves skin conditions including psoriasis while used topically. Despite its helpful reputation, the aloe vera plant can be poisonous in certain instances.

Just beneath the outer pores and skin of the aloe vera plant’s leaves is a layer of yellow juice. This juice, additionally called the plant’s latex, carries a herbal chemical referred to as aloin. Aloin is a type of anthraquinone glycoside, which according to North Carolina State University may additionally worsen your skin when you have an hypersensitive reaction to latex. The pores and skin infection or allergy associated with latex is referred to as contact dermatitis, which produces a localized rash.

The ingestion of aloe juice or latex may irritate the intestines whilst taken orally. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, aloe vera latex includes effective laxative properties. Use of the aloin latex as a laxative may also result in severe cramping and purging of the intestines. Misuse of aloin may additionally lead to excessive electrolyte loss and has subsequently been banned by using the Food and Drug Administration for use in over the counter laxative medications as of 2002.


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