920 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Double Floor Low Budget Home Design at 1.45 Cent Plot

Total Area : 920 Square Feet
Budget : 12 Lakcs
Plot : 1.45 Cent
Owner : Haneefa
Designer- P M Salim
Mob- 9947211689

Sit Out
4 Bedroom
Attached Bathroom
Common Bathroom
Work Area
Upper Living

This is an essential knowledge when choosing and installing a new Juliet balcony. Handrails that do not comply with these rules do not conform to British standards and are not safe. In addition, if the inspector sees it, it needs to be fixed at your expense. It is very important to carefully select the position and size of the opening. First of all, it is necessary to avoid conflicts with service lines and utility lines. Consider the position of the downcomer of rainwater, the soil and vent pipe on the outside or inside of the wall, the water and heat pipe, and the cable. Also, to secure the handrail, secure enough space on both sides of the opening. Do not plan to keep it away from the edge of another opening such as a wall or a wall.


Thanks : Manoramaonline


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