655 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Beautiful Low Budget Home Design

By adding glazing to windows, doors, skylights and other openings you can increase the thermal mass of the wall. The increase in thermal mass is a passive technique for heat resistance and sound insulation. Quick fix method for double glazing, or fix with tape. Opaque and heavy grade curtains, drapes, blinds absorb or cure incoming chills. Also, make sure that heat does not escape. Also, tactile texture increases the warmth and comfort of the interior.

Since it came to not use the air conditioner in the cold season, it is necessary to seal the fan vent and the entrance of the duct to reduce heat loss and prevent cold wind from entering. You can fix the opening with a temporary cover. The hardwood floor is perfect for summer, but it gets cold soon in winter. Floor materials such as rugs, carpets and runners not only guarantee that the feet are strong but also keep the interior instantaneously comfortable.

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