600 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Low Budget Home Design

Area : 600 Square Feet
Budget : 10 Lacks

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
1 Common Bathroom

Designer: KV Muraleedharan
Building Designers,Chelari AM Towers
Chelari,Thenjippalam(PO),Malappuram (Dt)
Phone: 04942400202,Mob: 9895018990
Whatsapp/Allo: +91 89 43 154034

For many of us, the dining table is a place where we can rejoice with laughter, eat, good company we catch up with. Whether it’s the entire room, the kitchen / diner or the small table, the dining area is all shapes and sizes. With some simple hints and tricks, every space can be a perfect hub for entertainment.

The lighting can completely change the atmosphere of the dining room. Extra large pendant lights, colorful table lamps scattered throughout the room, fairy lights decorating walls, huge angle pose style floor lamps placed on the table, lighting options to brighten the dining room There are many. Although it looks expensive, please do not think too much about investing in expensive ones. Instead, see cheap and effective options. For example, paper pendant shades are inexpensive but have interesting shapes and sizes. If you are going to a table lamp, there is a simple editing that you can do. For example, switch the ordinary bulb for vintage style Edison to an industrial appearance or remodel the base with spray paint.


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