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More and additional individuals area unit change from the Facebook robot app to the browser version. this is often for variety of reasons like performance, memory or battery management. whereas this is often really a really smart expertise, there area unit belongings you area unit possible to miss, as well as a frenzied icon in your launcher and separation from your alternative browsing activities in ‘recents’.
This is wherever merely comes in.

Simply utilities the facility of Chrome custom tabs to relinquish you associate degree app-like expertise let alone the performance of the Chrome browser (yes, you’ll have Chrome installed!). merely is quick and light-weight. it’s a Facebook-like style with a frenzied button on the auto-hiding app bar to come to the ‘Recent Activity’ read. Facebook links will be mechanically handled by merely (if you choose) too.

Simply is – and invariably are going to be – light-weight and freed from bloat. whereas we are going to add a number of menu route links in an exceedingly future unharness, we’ve no want to make a full fat heavyweight app.

As merely uses Chrome Custom Tabs, all of your existing auto-complete and browsing knowledge is obtainable – as area unit notifications. If you favor associate degree app with a totally siloed net read, you must look at the superb tin foil app.

Samsung multi-window is currently supported.

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