2231 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Double Floor Traditional Nalukettu Style Home Design

Total Area : 2231 Square Feet

Ground Floor : 1780 Square Feet
2 Bedroom
2 Attached Bathroom
Work Area

First Floor : 451 Square Feet
1 Bedroom
1 Attached Bathroom

A-CUBE Builders & Developers (Home design in Thrissur)
Thrichur. DT
Ph: 9645528833,9746024805,9809107286

The house has traditional building elements like a gable roof, but I use these elements in a more modern way. For example, a bank of three windows on the second floor becomes the corner. The result, as it may appear in contemporary architecture, is not a solid corner as seen in traditional buildings nor a completely open corner. The entry is in a more substantial two-storey area. This makes it possible to make the entry door recessed, not only to provide a shelter, but also to allow more entry areas to be present. The short column holding the corner is facing the wall of the garden and has fun manners detail. The plan for a linear one-story building is clear from the back. This is the place the owner actually lives. The back deck can be accessed from the master bedroom. Large screen walls with cow eyes windows filled with plaid strips provide privacy to the Master’s bathroom on the other side of the wall.



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