1070 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Modern Home Design

Total Area : 1070 Square Feet

Car Porch
Sit Out
2 Bedroom
2 Attached Bathroom
1 Common Bathroom
Work Area


During my stay, I often thought that I like to live permanently in such a compact space. Along the way, I gathered a list of essential features for an ideal small apartment. Of course, this is my personal list and your needs may be different. However, it is likely to be a good starting point in terms of thinking through your own priorities to live in a small residence. Rich natural light makes the small apartment feel bigger. For me, the bright and open atmosphere at my house is not negotiable. If the lighting is good and you want an air-rich dwelling, consider selecting a flat with these features such as high ceilings, light colored walls, open floor plan, light woodwork and flooring please.


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