10 Lacks 50 Days GFRG panels to build houses

Durable, energy efficient and cost-effective polycarbonate panels are becoming increasingly popular in architecture due to their high performance properties and contemporary appearance. It is also used for the construction of the inner and outer walls – even in roofs and skylights – the polycarbonate panel extends the amount of daylight to the interior space, which is optimal for comfort and psychological happiness. Polycarbonate (PC) is a thermoplastic polymer containing a carbonate group in its chemical structure. When used for engineering, polycarbonate is a strong and durable material, which is optically semi-transparent as is evident in the San Francisco house depicted here. Polycarbonate is easy to process, mold and thermoform and is useful for many applications.

Polycarbonate panels can be 200 times stronger than glass panels. This is one of the main reasons used for glazing. With such strength and durability, they can withstand natural forces such as snowstorms and intense winds. The facade on the south side of this studio is covered with a translucent polycarbonate panel, as seen in the interior of the studio, the picture below. Light that converts to lantern that shines studio at night.

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