unusual uses for nail polish

Nail polish is one of a fashionista’s best accessories. We love following trends, seeing what crazy nail art is out there (always on our fave, Zooey Deschanel) and treating ourselves to the occasional mani-pedi outing, but did you know that polish can do SO much more than decorate your nails?

You know when you seal an envelope but realize you forgot to sign the check or left something out all together? You can still open it without tearing the envelope immediately after licking it, but it’s hard to reseal it again with another lick; by now the glue has transferred to the other side. Instead of throwing it away and grabbing a new envelope, brush clear nail polish on the flap to seal it even better than before.

If you have hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) in damp places — like the bathroom, for instance — coat them with clear polish to prevent them from rusting.

Don’t you hate when shoelaces become frayed at the end? They’re still perfecting useful but look like a mess. Dip the ends in clear nail polish, roll them between your fingers, and let the laces dry overnight.

Whether it’s a small leak or a tiny hole in your door or window screen, nail polish has the heavy-duty power to keep in the stuff you want in and keep out the stuff you want out. If your cooler has sprung a small leak, seal it with nail polish. Likewise, if there’s a small hole in your screen and you want to keep the bugs at bay, brush the area with nail polish.

for more watch this video (Malayalam). Courtesy: Kairali Health


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