Trick for Whitening Old Yellow Pillows

Pillowcases watch your cushions from getting recolored, however all things being equal, it’s a test to keep pad texture from turning yellow. Pads ordinarily turn yellow due to a collection of sweat. Sweat yellows as it dries, so after some time, your cushions begin to look shabby and old. A yellowed cushion isn’t damned, however. You can brighten most sorts of cushions in the clothes washer with a couple of fading specialists. Flexible foam pads can’t withstand a battering from the clothes washer, so you’ll have to handle them by hand.

Fill your clothes washer around 1/3 loaded with hot, boiling water.
Include your dishwasher cleanser, clothing cleanser, dye, and Borax.
Turn on the machine and enable the fixings to break up in the water.

Place your cushions in the clothes washer (she does two at an opportunity to adjust the washer). Enable the machine to fill whatever is left of the route with high temp water and let it disturb for a couple of minutes. On the off chance that you have a best stacking clothes washer, you may need to take the pads out and turn them over.
Enable the pads to go toss two flush cycles.
After the two cycles, take them out to dry, which will shift contingent upon the kind of cushions you have.

watch this video for knowing more (Malayalam). Courtesy: HOMELY TIPS


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