Tandoori chicken without oven and grill

Roasted chicken is a heavenly formula made utilizing chicken and shared here is alongside a video technique. It is made without broiler on a gas stove.
I have shared each well ordered detail in this post on the best way to make baked chicken without utilizing a microwave.

To make this formula, I have utilized chicken pieces and marinated them with flavors. Roasted chicken requires two stage marination technique to give a succulent and delicate surface to the cooked chicken.
The chicken pieces are marinated for around 30 to 40 minutes with some fundamental herbs and after that cooked on low fire for around 30 minutes in some spread and oil.

The chicken here is cooked in a skillet and it gives a decent succulent flavor as acquired in a stove. One doesn’t require any broiler to make the baked chicken.
In the first place marination to the chicken needs some essential flavors and a lemon remove which helps in softening the chicken. Watch this video. Courtesy: Jas’s Food book


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