How to make Pizza without Oven

I utilized a cake dish, yet you can utilize pretty much any container that you need, as long as it will fit into your huge pot.
I at that point arranged my huge pot by putting a remain inside it and concealing it. At that point continued to pre warm if for quite a while, just to get it pleasant and hot in there to reenact a stove.
Watch this video for knowing How to make Pizza without Oven. Courtesy: The Terrace Kitchen

Once the pot was adequately warmed, I set the pizza dish on the rack and secured the pot once more. Kept warmth on medium-high and let it cook away.

Being an inquisitive individual by nature and since this was my first time endeavoring such an accomplishment, I needed to continue opening the pot to perceive how my pizza was faring. This likely extended the cooking time on the grounds that each time you open the pot, you lose a portion of the warmth in there. Be that as it may, well, at any rate I got the chance to see the improvement of my pizza!

Lastly VOILA!!! Look how flawlessly idealize the pizza turned out. You can see the base is pleasant and toasty, and just from the way I have lifted the pizza to demonstrate to you the brilliant base, you can see how delicate it was! It was actually collapsing over! The best was flawlessly done as well, perhaps not as brilliant as when you pop this under a barbecue, yet considering the technique it was made with, I think it was not half awful!!


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