How to make a TV panel – Wall mount a TV and hide the wires

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I have been asked loads of time to do a room tour. I would really like to make one but I need to deal with some matters first. I actually have made a mattress, a sliding barn door, a replicate and a sofa bed for this room. Well, I’m eventually getting around to the TV vicinity. This may be a -element aspect. For this submit, I made the LED TV panel and relocated the wires to make sure nothing become visible. There is a lot to cowl on this post. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the final results. The wall panel is a breath of clean air in the area.

I am also excited and looking ahead to seeing what challenges I will run into growing the the rest of portions for this room.

Step 1: Getting Started – For this undertaking, you will only want one sheet of 4 x eight plywood. I reduce out the large panel first and then used the final components for the body and the French cleat. With the entirety cut right down to length, I then sanded all the components down.

Step 2: Attaching the Frame – The complete frame became put together the use of pocket hollow screws. I kept all the holes on the interior of the frame; this manner not one of the holes are seen alongside the aspect. After assembling the body, turn the frame upside down then practice wood glue.

Next, turn the frame over and comfortable it to the panel. I made positive the body had the identical spacing on all aspects. For this, you can make a quick jig or an “L shape piece” for this as a gauge.

Although pocket hole screws were my go-to preference for this build, you can honestly use regular timber screws and timber glue for this setup.

Pick a side as your pinnacle. Then place the French Cleat spacers in each nook. Glue and screw this down. Be sure the screw head is underneath the floor of the plywood. You can also installation the French cleats now.

Step 3: Adding Edge Banding – To cowl the ends of the plywood I used iron-on facet banding. There are a few alternatives you can discover like the use of wood filler, and wrapping it with wood. For me, the easiest way is making use of aspect banding.

Step 4: Mounting the Panel – When mounting a TV there is lots to don’t forget. It all depends on how you operate the space. In my opinion, the peak of a TV is a private desire. When I was a technician most clients had been satisfied with their TV round 60 inches to middle from the ground of their living room. I usually appearance to center the TV up with something in a room. It will be some thing from a mattress, couch, door, or maybe a wall — you get the point. Now that we’re incredibly clean, allow us to flow on.

I even have the top of the panel set up simply over 75 inches from the floo,r and the TV focused inside. After selecting my vicinity within the room “focused with the mattress,” I then stretched out covering tape so I might have something to write down on as opposed to the wall. I used a Bosch Laser line to help me lay this out, and get a visual.

I positioned the studs in the wall the usage of a stud finder. There are a complete of two French cleat attachments. I hooked up the primary one on studs; this stored matters truthful. Next, I measured the panel to discover the space between the French cleats after which transferred the spacing from that to the wall. The 2nd French cleat simplest crossed one stud. In this situation, I had to deal with matters differently. I even have used these toggle bolts plenty inside the beyond, so this was my pass-to option for the facet that didn’t have a stud. These bolts are heavy responsibility and work well for mounting huge gadgets.

If you have not already, move beforehand and deploy the French Cleat to the panel. Then location to panel at the wall and notice if the entirety traces up. I gave it a short hanging take a look at to ensure it’s well secured to the wall.

Step 5: Mounting the TV – I took off the handle and the stand from the TV. Then, I set up the brackets to the TV mounting holes. Next, installation the bracket on. Measure down from the top of the TV to the bracket.

I positioned two portions of tape at the panel. The tape is an indication of wherein the bracket might be mounted. The TV can always be nudged side-to-aspect after set up for fine-tuning.

To set the height of the bracket, I used this method.

I take the dimension of the panel after which the TV. Then I subtract the two. For instance, panel=39 inches and TV= 28 inches, and subtract the 2 that will come up with eleven inches. Then divide that by means of 2; that’s 5.5 inches. Place a mark 5.Five inches from the top of the panel down. Now, take the dimension from the pinnacle of the TV to the bracket. Take this dimension and measure from the five.Five inches mark on down. This is in which the pinnacle of the bracket will be.

Step 6: Painting – I painted the panel white particularly to combo it into the gap rather than to be a focus and demand interest all the time. With the LEDs, it will become the characteristic’s piece, but handiest when the lights are off. In this scenario, I wouldn’t thoughts.

Step 7: Adding an Outlet – The outlet may be located everywhere at the back of the TV that offers you clearance. What works for my setup may not work for yours. I cut out a gap for the electric junction field in the panel.

Relocating the coax cable:

I lucked out right here. I became capable of cut a hollow above the coax cable wall plate and hook the cable with my fish tape then pulled it out. These wires are commonly strapped within the wall however gladly this one become now not. If you don’t have this form of luck you could barrel the coax at the back of the wall plate to extend the cable to the TV.

Adding Power:

I advocate turning off the breaker to this room or plug earlier than you begin. After doing away with the plate cover I pulled out the outlet. Then, fish a new electric twine up the wall. Wire up the new outlet first then deal with the other stop subsequent. Make sure you have sufficient slack within the cord so that you don’t must a great deal hassle when you want to eliminate the panel. Wire to the new outlet (connect returned to the gold terminal, white to the silver and copper to the green terminal). Tie the new outlet to the prevailing outlet (connect black to the group of black wires, white to the organization of white wires and copper to the green or naked copper).

Step 8: Adding the LED – With all of the LED projects I have made, this is the primary time I am using WIFI LED. I should say they are pretty pleasant. The manage has one button. By pressing the controller button, you could cycle thru the unique settings or you may check out the “Smart Life” phone App. Grabbing the app unleashes even greater controls. I received’t move into too many information perhaps in a future put up. For example; you may do things like deciding on the colour you need and the depth, setting a timer, an operating scheduled, voice controls and plenty extra.

Step 9: Finishing Touches – The French cleat is a incredible layout and I’ll make certain to apply this in more of my builds. With kids, you can need to add a few safety to this. A awesome way to feature protection is via using a screw through the panel and inside the a part of the French cleat that’s attached to the wall.

Plug in all of the devices, set up the TV and strap the wires.

I love the way this came out. It truely adds a one of a kind feel to the gap. I became in the end capable of dispose of a small cabinet I had within the room. It’s so pleasant to now not see any wires.

Step 10: Final – I Love the way this came out. It really adds a specific experience to the distance. I changed into in the end able to dispose of a small cabinet I had within the room. It’s so nice to no longer see any wires.


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