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Ammonia is a gas soluble in water. Ammonia can show many wonders while cleaning their home. Ammonia is very effective for removing the dirt on the home and other parts of the house.

When cleaning the housing, be careful not to blend bleach and ammonia. This will cause a very dangerous reaction. Some uses of Ammonia’s home and garden.

Owen can be cleaned

Ammonia helps to clean omen without being used by chemicals. Add one cup of ammonia in the night and leave it hot. Oven cleans the oven and the stairs on the next day. Oven can be easily cleaned without additional costs and the use of chemicals. If gas is oven, turn off the gas and the pilot lighting.

Wrap it with glass dish towel and wash with a dried soap with hot water. After washing each glass, remove the basin again. Do not disturb the dish touse to avoid the glass. Dip a few teaspoons of ammonia in water in the dish for a few drops. Dry the glass out and dry with a thin towel. Wipe slowly to make glitter.

Get rid of the moths

Take ammonia in a flat bowl and dip a little cotton in it and get rid of moths. Place this vessel in the disturbance of morasses. If you are a place where food is served, you can do that after removing them. Examine the food items because it will lay eggs in cereals and mashes. Get rid of these and close the vessels.

Clash of gold and silver

Silver clash can be easily removed using silver polish, but a thick layer can sometimes be a challenge. The ammonia can be used as a solution to this. Take ammonia in a bowl and brush the silver. After 10 minutes, repeat it if necessary. If the clan is over, it may not be effective. You have to look for experienced people.


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