Ceramic Tile Roofing Estimation. 1500 sqrft. Full Expense

For thousands of years, people have used clay tiles to assemble strong, long lasting roofs to guard homes and other homes. Today, concrete roof tiles offer many of the equal blessings of traditional clay tiles at a much decrease rate factor, making this fabric available to a much broader target audience. Understanding the special costs associated with concrete tile roofs permit you to select the proper roof for your home with out blowing your finances.

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Forget Square Feet

When pricing roofing materials, it’s essential to understand how builders degree roof vicinity. Instead of the everyday square feet used for lots other constructing materials, roofers rely on squares. A square is identical to the amount of tile had to cowl a ten by way of 10-foot area of roof, or 100 rectangular ft. Keep this in thoughts to extra appropriately compare estimates as you fee your concrete roof mission.

Average Cost Per Square

While the cost of concrete roof tiles varies by way of area, producer or other elements, you can assume to pay among $310 and $500 in line with rectangular installed.This parent is kind of half the value of clay roofing, which costs $seven-hundred to $1,000 in line with square. To help you nicely examine estimates, About one-1/3 of the rate covers cloth, one-0.33 covers set up, and one-third covers contractor administrative prices and overhead. If you get a fee for substances most effective, you may use this information to estimate general cost by means of tripling your cloth value.

Structural Upgrades

Concrete roof tiles can weight to four instances as a lot as fashionable asphalt shingles. While the Tile Roofing Institute indicates that most homes can without difficulty accommodate this more weight, it is continually quality to check with the professionals to make certain. The domestic improvement display “Rosie at the House” suggests consulting a structural engineer at a fee of $four hundred to $600 to find out if your roof can cope with the weight. If it cannot, plan to pay another $1,500 for timber to red meat up the structure.

Cost Vs. Value

Despite their better in advance value as compared to standard asphalt shingles, concrete roof tiles may represent a higher cost over the lengthy haul. These shingles ultimate 15 to 25 years before they need substitute, in comparison to concrete roof tiles, which ultimate 50 years or greater.


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