Animal Bites, Get Facts on First Aid

Animal bites are not unusual. Most are because of dogs and cats. Cat bites can look minor, however they can be critical because a fang puncture can leave bacteria deep inside the wound.

These tips permit you to care for a minor animal chew, along with one which simplest breaks the skin:

Wash the wound thoroughly with cleaning soap and water.
Apply an antibiotic cream and cover the chew with a easy bandage.
Seek spark off interest if:

The wound is a deep puncture or you are not sure how serious it’s far.
The skin is improperly torn and bleeding substantially — first practice stress with a bandage or smooth fabric to prevent the bleeding.
You note increasing swelling, redness, ache or oozing, that are caution signs and symptoms of contamination.
You have questions about your chance of rabies or about rabies prevention. If the chunk became as a result of a cat or a dog, try to affirm that its rabies vaccination is updated. If the chew turned into caused by a wild animal, are seeking recommendation out of your medical doctor approximately which animals are maximum likely to hold rabies.


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