650 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Low Budget Single Floor Modern Home Design

Total Area : 650 Square Feet
Budget : 12 Lacks
50 % Bank Loan Available

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
2 Attached Bathroom

Sarovaram Homes & Builders
Dileep : 9633009990

Concrete flooring is a sustainable option by avoiding consumption of new materials using existing concrete slabs. Also you do not have to demote to the basement or garage. Once you polish, polish or seal concrete, it looks like it is decorated with traditional kitchen and living room, especially with Oriental rugs and beautiful furniture and fixtures. Maintenance necessary for concrete flooring is to wipe with soapy water every week. I recommend installing the baseboard along with the concrete floor even though you think you might not need it. If you do not have a baseboard, please imagine what a dirty mop will leave in the gap where the floor meets the wall. And it completes your choice and deliberately shows you.



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