550 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Low Budget Home Design For 4.5 Lacks

Total Area : 550 Square Feet
Budget : 4.5 Lacks

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
1 Common Bathroom
Work Area

Entering from a new formal entry will be greeted in a bright and airy space. Illuminate the entrance of double height from the huge window above the door and turn the gap of the staircase into a bright well for the house. This area connects the original ground floor to the new upper floor both visually and spatially. The staircase of the open riser enhances the sense of this space and light. The entrance lobby on the right opens directly to the open plan kitchen and dining area. On the left side of the entry is a bright, cozy, relaxing living area. The white walls of these updated areas provide space for the owner’s colorful art collection and make each room feel an unusual personality.



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