2810 Square Feet 5 Bedroom Kerala New Style Home Design and Plan

At the end of the long working hours, this Texas bedroom owner wants to go home and relax. And in his redesigned room he can. Starting with some big existing works, his designer has created a personal hideout where you can watch TV, enjoy books, relax with dogs.


They already had a bed frame and a night stand, so they became a starting point. Placing the natural landscape including the Brazos river beyond the window, I stimulated the green, blue and cream colors of the room.Solomon ordered a luxury fabric for custom bedding. Although it is silky silk like fine silk, it is suitable for everyday use. The bed set starts with a quilted mattress cover, fitted seat, flat seat, coverlet. The duvet offers warmth in cold nights and warmth in decorative layers during warm weather. There are two pillows when sleeping and there is an additional pillow to create a gorgeous layered look when the bed is made.


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